Make you patterns shine

I'm happy to edit all kinds of accessories (shawls, socks, hats, mittens, etc) and garments for children and adults. I'm more than proficient with cables, lace, colorwork knitting and I do understand the magic of short rows very well but I do not yet accept: brioche, intarsia, mosaic knitting.

What is included

  • I will verify the consistency of the pattern:

    • if you have the stylesheet, I will check against that;

    • ​all listed abbreviations are used;

    • all used abbreviations are listed;

    • terms, measurements, punctuation are used consistently through pattern

  • clarity of pattern:​

    • all instructions are clear;​

    • all instructions are complete - following them, the knitter gets the item he is happy with;

  • I will verify pattern mathematics:

    • conversion between metric and Imperial systems;

    • all measurements are consistent and achievable with a given gauge;

    • all measurements are within standard body measurements (e.g., sleeves are not too narrow, the length is reasonable, etc);

  • Charts and stitch patterns:​

    • charts vs written patterns work out;

    • several charts flow into each other easily;

    • charts/instructions work out in the general - a number of repeats, increases, decreases, etc.


My rate is 25Eur/h. I keep careful time tracking when working, in 15 minutes intervals.

I accept PayPal, Revolut, Google Pay, bank transfers.

To give you the approximate estimate, here are some ideas on how long the edit could take for specific items:

  • accessories as socks, mittens, shawls, scarfs, hats, etc. - 1 to 3 hours depending on a number of sizes and pattern complexity;

  • simple garments (little or no short rows), usual garment construction, not more than 2 charts  - 3 to 5 hours, depending on a number of sizes and pattern complexity;

  • complex garments - 4 hours plus.

I offer a 20% introduction discount for new customers!

Also, pricing is negotiable for pattern bundles.

Contact me for a no-obligation quote and I will get to you the next day.

Working process

  • after I receive your inquiry I will send you an estimated time when I can complete the first edit of the pattern;

  • when we agree on the deadline, I will expect from you the pattern file. I work in PDF, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word, as your preference. Working in an editable document I always use the option to track changes so you are in control of what changes to accept and to decline;

  • I will send you annotated PDF or comments and suggested edits on Google Docs and also e-mail, explaining more complex points and notes;

  • After you go through the first edit and implement changes if they are needed, I will go through the pattern again;

  • we can repeat the previous two steps if necessary until you are happy with the result;

  • I'm more than happy to take the final look free of charge after the test knitting you want me to!

Working hours

  • I live in Riga, Latvia, which puts me in GMT+3 time zone.

  • I'm checking my emails once a day, in the early mornings and I answer them at the same time.

  • I'm working mostly in early mornings and afternoons as I have 2 children at home right now (due to government restrictions during a pandemic time).