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Line of bobbles (worked flat)

Lines of bobbles or beads are integral part in two of my designs: Glassbeads shildren pullover and Glassbeads children cardigan.

You can find below a short photo instruction how to work them in knitting flat.

The number of stitches used is odd (my swatch has 25 stitches).

Each line of bobbles is worked over 2 rows. Both rows are worked in Contrast color yarn.

Used abbreaviations:

k: knit

yo: yarn over

Row 1:

1. Slip the first st purlwise.

2. Usign contrast color yarn, work into next stitch: (k1, yo, k1) making 3 stitches in total.

First group of 3 stitches on Row 1.

3. Slip the 3rd stitch purlwise with yarn in back.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to 1 stitch before end of row.

Note: Number of stitches after Row 1 grows sinificantly but there is nothing to worry about - we will decrease them in the Row 2.

Working Row 1 of bobble line.

View from wrong side before we start working Row 2. On our right-hand needle there is 1 unworked stitch.

Row 2.

1. Turn work to wrong side towards you, leaving the last stitch unworked on the needle.

2. Knit together 3 contrast color stitches through back loop (it gives the bobble more pronounced shape).

From worng side our bobbles are not visible. They belong on right side (see the next picture)

Bobbles are on right side.

3. Slip the next stitch purlwise with yarn in back (it will make the connecting line between bobbles on the right side).

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to 1 st before end of row. Slip it to the right-hand needle purlwise with yarn in back.

Note: As we knitted together each 3 stitches group, the number of stitches should be back to intial count - in my swatch it is 25 stitches.

Line of bobbles after 2 stockinette rows.

Turn the work and you are ready to continue with the rest of the pattern. You can cut the contrast color yarn or bring it along between several lines of bobbles.

If you are video person, here is small example of working bobbles for you (just a hint: it is my first video so I apologize for the quality ;))

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