Cowl Quiet Barents Sea, joining the layers

When both layers are ready, it is time to join them with an i-cord bind-off.

If outer layer stitches were put on a stitch holder or waste yarn, place them back on needles.

Insert the inner layer into the outer layer in such a way that both tops are together and the wrong sides of both layers face each other. In my case the inner layer is striped - I wanted to use all this yarn to the end and only had 50g of each color.


Joining the top sides

  1. Using knitted cast-on, cast on in the first stitch of outer layer additional 3 stitches.

If you used a different yarn for the inner and outer layer then you probably still have yarn attached to the outer layer. If not, please attach the yarn of your contrast color.

cowl_QBS_joining_layers_2 Stitches after knitted cast-on (first 3 stitches are new ones)

The color in which the stitches are worked henceforth is determined by the color of the first stitch on the left-hand needle after the 3 i-cord stitches (if your i-cord stitches are still on the left needle, that would be the 4th stitch on the left needle). When you reach the color change, break the yarn and proceed with the next color.

Let’s continue with the i-cord bind off, it is worked simultaneously on both needles. To work it, please place the needles in parallel to each other, both pointy ends facing right.

  1. Knit the first 2 stitches.

  2. Slip the next 2 stitches knitwise and slide them onto inner layer needle:

cowl_QBS_joining_layers_3 Stitches after sliding onto inner layer cable but before they are worked.

  1. Knit together 3 stitches by back loops on the inner layer needle:


  1. Slide the 3 i-cord stitches back to the outer layer left hand needle.

Repeat Steps 2.-5. 6 more times (total 7 times) and then please read “Note”!


The outer layer has more stitches than inner layer for better fit. The difference between both stitch counts is divided equally on cowl circumference. After each 7 stitches, knit together from both layers, it is necessary to skip inner layer for one stitch of outer layer. The steps for this are as follows:

  1. Knit the first 2 stitches (on the outer layer needle).

  2. Slip the next 2 stitches knitwise and slide them back to outer layer needle.

  3. Knit together 2 stitches by back loops on the outer layer needle.

  4. Slide the 3 i-cord stitches back to the outer layer left hand needle.

Work henceforth alternately:

7 times Steps 2-5. and

once Steps 6.-9.,

until there are no open stitches on both left needles.

In the end you will have 3 open i-cord stitches. Leaving longer tail to graft the i-cord edges, break the yarn. Graft the i-cord stitches.


Happy kniting,