Valmiera Memory Socks by Zanete Knits

Designed by Zanete Knits


Valmiera, a charming town in northern Latvia, holds countless memories of my teenage and university years. It was the perfect setting for our delightful knitters’ meetup, where we celebrated the 50th Zaneteknits pattern release. We gathered together, indulging in each other’s company and relishing the delectable taste of a homemade meringue cake. This special occasion demanded an equally remarkable sock design.

Let me introduce you to the Valmiera Memories Socks, crafted from the toe-up, featuring a sole gusset and reinforced heel flap and intricate stranded colourwork in the leg.

Now, here’s the fascinating part: each sock showcases inverted colours, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, you can choose between trapezoid and anatomically shaped toes. The greater the colour contrast, the more stunning the final result!

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