Valmiera Memory Socks by Zanete Knits

Designed by Zanete Knits


Introducing Unravel Memories Socks, the third delightful addition to our Memories Sock series! Designed as a loving tribute to our cherished day at the Unravel festival in Farnham, UK, these socks are bound to bring joy to your knitting journey.

Imagine getting lost in the enchanting maze-like venue that serves as the festival’s home—pure adventure! Each room was a treasure trove of vibrant yarns and remarkable fibre goodies, creating an atmosphere that felt like paradise. And the best part? Sharing this incredible experience with friends.

These socks perfectly capture the vibrant colours and positive energy that filled our hearts. Beyond the captivating stranded all-over colourwork, these socks are worked from the toe-up, allowing you to customize their length to your preference. Moreover, they showcase a sole gusset and a reinforced heel flap, distinguishing this design from other toe-up patterns.

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