Terra Sonata Top

Designed by Zanete Knits


In the warmth of summer, meadows come alive with waving sedges so fragile and tender in their simplicity. The sweet sandalwood flowers delight us with such delicate beauty that it’s hard to spot them amongst other blooms! Nature is remarkable - even something humble can be full of value if you look carefully enough.

Summer always gives new inspiration and motivation for creation like this luxurious sweater: an elegant collar accentuated by lace patterns, braids, tubercles & interesting knots provides a unique take on luxury while still remaining simple enough for evening strolls under the summer sky.

Sweater knitted using fine and soft merino yarn with added silk and cashmere. These fine fibres give the product an exceptionally silky softness and flexibility and ensure body thermoregulation, which is especially important for summer clothes. Cashmere is a very exclusive material for knitting, and you will not regret using it - even a small addition to the yarn gives a special feeling. Find it on Ravelry.