Dublin Memories Socks by Zanete Knits

Designed by Zanete Knits


Dublin Memories Socks is a tribute to a cherished adventure in Dublin, Ireland, shared with dear friends. These socks transport us right back to the magic of the Emerald Isle.

Exploring vibrant yarn shops, admiring countless cosy Aran sweaters, and soaking in lively pub tunes, we embraced every delightful moment, unfazed by the grey clouds above.

Experience the thrill of crafting this captivating sock, complete with a unique round-toe design, a well-fitting sole gusset, and a supportive and reinforced heel flap. And a touch of enchantment awaits at the very end as you work a Celtic knotwork-inspired stranded colourwork pattern in the leg, effortlessly adjusting the length to your heart’s desire. Find it on Ravelry.