Amber Blossoms

Designed by Zanete Knits


The source of inspiration for this sweater is the very simple stone amber, formed from pine bark resin millions of years ago, it has long been an important gemstone in Latvia. That is why Latvia is often called Dzintarzeme (Land of Amber), but the Baltic Sea - Dzintarjūra (Amber Sea). It can often be seen shining in the sand of the Baltic coast after strong fall winds.

Our ancestors have already noticed the nuanced beauty of this stone and are also aware of its magical properties, believing that amber increases strength and vitality, brings good luck and strengthens health and is able to protect from the evil eye. Sometimes transparent, other times pale, almost white, earthy brown, waxy yellow or smoky gray-green, sometimes even bluish - but always unique and mysteriously beautiful. Amber in Latvia is often seen complementing linen outfits. This sweater combines both - the nuances of the colors of the miraculous amber and the gray simplicity of linen through Latvian ornaments that resemble floral motifs. Find it on Ravelry.