on the road again cowl


The On the Road Again Cowl is a quick and simple knit using DK weight yarn. It highlights a stranded colorwork motif that is designed to resemble an endless road wrapping the circumference of the hat. However, most of the pattern is worked with only one strand of yarn.

The knit is simple, easy to follow, and a bit addicting. It’s the perfect knit for the evenings when you’d like something more engaging than plain stockinette, but you don’t feel like working anything that requires much brain power.

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lovely in lace wrap.jpg


The Lovely in Lace Wrap is a long, rectangular shape comprised of four colors and three simplistic lace stitch motifs that are repeated throughout the wrap. It is easy to modify the length of each section, as well as the order of the colors, and even the number of colors that you use.

This wrap is the classic, elegant style that Audrey Hepburn would’ve loved to wrap around her shoulders for a night out. The knit is simplistic in technique but engaging and fun to knit – and you won’t get bored!

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endless woods cowl.png


Fun, cozy, and your new favorite thing to wear. Endless Woods Cowl is a warm, cozy cowl perfect for cold winter days. It features cables that represent the roots supporting the endless woods and slipped cross stitches that represent the beautiful trees within the woods. The pattern even includes four alternate tree motifs, so your woods can host a variety of trees!

The Endless Woods Cowl includes three length options and three circumference options, making for a total of nine size options. It is worked with fingering weight held double with mohair (or, if you’d rather, just use DK weight), creating a fun and cozy knit.

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where the buffalo roam shawl.png


A fun and repetitive knit, the Where the Buffalo Roam Shawl pattern is a large, cozy DK weight shawl perfect for fall and winter. The pattern includes three alternate design options for variety in size and color combinations.

The pattern was inspired by the plains of Montana -- where the buffalo roam. It features a wheat cable motif representing the wheat fields often found in the plains and garter sections representing the endless plains that seemingly stretch on forever. The end result? A cable lover’s dream!

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The Gratitude Shawl is a simple but gorgeous crescent shawl containing three basic lace motifs and some garter. The pattern is engaging but not complex.

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love yourself shawl.jpg


To encourage you to foster your self-love, Jessica has designed this shawl with an urgent message to do something special for yourself. That may be knitting a project for yourself, splurging on some fancy yarn, or adorning yourself in an elegant outfit with your favorite hand knit. Whatever self-care means to you, do it for yourself. Love yourself and show yourself that you care.

This pattern is written as a 1-skein shawl and as a 2-skein shawl. It is easy to customize, as the pattern is written as a repeat. With your purchase of the pattern, you will receive one PDF download that includes both written and charted instructions. The instructions are separated, so you can easily print only what you need!

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remembering summer shawl


This is a large, cozy shawl perfect for the frigid winter days when you’re thinking back to warm, beautiful summer days. It is comprised of 6 textures (related to the progression of the seasons) that are separated by garter rows.

As the days get cooler and shorter, it’s calming to think back to warm, sunshiny days on the beach, surrounded with laughter and love, and relaxing to my heart’s content. This shawl recalls the progression of spring through fall, including seeds, garden rows, rain, sunshine, buds, and blossoms. 

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remembering summer infinity scarf


As the days get cooler and shorter, it is fun I like to think back to warm, sunshiny days on the beach, surrounded with laughter and love, and relaxing to your heart’s content. This scarf does all of that, recalling the progression of spring through fall, including seeds, garden rows, rain, sunshine, buds, and blossoms. 

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Moon cowl is a double-layered cowl in stranded colorwork pattern that is inspired by old Latvian pagan deities: the Moon, protector of people, and Laima, the goddess of destiny.

The inner section features the cross of the Moon, signifying the 4 phases of the Moon and also the cycle of life. The outer border sections carry the sign of Laima’s broom, it sweeps away all that’s bad and evil, and wearing this sign is said to bring good luck.

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dancing in the rain shawl.png


I love the rain. I love dropped stitches. And dropped stitches remind me of the rain! Dancing in the Rain is named after the dropped stitch sections, which remind me of raindrops and streaming water.

This knit is a fun, addicting asymmetrical triangle that is easily memorized and customized. It is written for one 2 Mile Series skein of fingering weight yarn, which creates a lightweight shawl with a lot of drape. However, feel free to make this pattern yours by using the yarn weight and color schemes that you love! It would look beautiful in a solid, tonal, speckled, faded, or multi-color scheme.

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cosy winters cowl.png


Cozy Winters was inspired by cold, snowy winter weather in Montana: one moment it’s heavily snowing, and the next the sky is clear. The cowl features seven different sections that create a faded texture representing varying snow levels (from whiteout to flurries). This creates a fun, simplistic, and engaging knit. Once the cowl is complete, you can see the snow falling from the sky (at the top of the cowl) and accumulating on the ground (at the bottom of the cowl). 

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