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Sunshine: bright, cheery, and always ready to lift your mood. It’s no secret that summer is my favorite season (yes, even as a knitter), and that is because of the beautiful sunshine. There’s nothing like a bright, sunny day to lift your spirits and chase the blues away. Now, with the Summer in the Sun Dishcloth, we can have the summer sun brightening a day in the kitchen any day of the year!

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on the road again hat


The On the Road Again Hat is a quick and simple knit using DK weight yarn. It highlights a stranded colorwork motif that is designed to resemble an endless road wrapping the circumference of the hat. However, most of the pattern is worked with only one strand of yarn.

The knit is simple, easy to follow, and a bit addicting. It’s the perfect knit for the evenings when you’d like something more engaging than plain stockinette, but you don’t feel like working anything that requires much brain power.

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crazy big hat


These knitting notes include instructions and all necessary information to enable you to knit a quick hat in super chunky weight yarn. The notes include fitted and slouchy style, with or without brim in 7 sizes: 3 children and 4 adult sizes.

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hustle and bustle hat.png


by Snickerdoodle Knits

Fun, simple, and the perfect pattern for your “busy” hand-dyed yarns. Hustle and Bustle hat is inspired by the “random chaos” of the city, of people running to and fro. It features a fun, “random” (but repeated) purled texture. The purls create diagonal lines dashing in different directions that add interest to your simple knit but allow the yarn to be the true star of the knit.

Love fun, busy (speckled or variegated) hand-dyed yarns but hate knitting in plain stockinette? This hat pattern is for you!

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Weekend at the Cabin Hat


by Snickerdoodle Knits

Fun, simplistic, gender-neutral, and easy to wear. Weekends at the Cabin is a warm, cozy hat perfect for a weekend away in the mountains! It features crossed slipped stitches that represent the mountains and pine trees you see outside of the cabin windows.

The Weekends at the Cabin Hat is a 2-in-1 hat pattern including the option to work a mountain motif or a tree motif. It is worked in DK weight, creating a quick and cozy knit.

This pattern is worked bottom up. Learn more about the design inspiration, knitting experience, and wearing experience here.

The pattern includes separate PDF files for the mountain motif and the pine tree motif. Each PDF includes both the written and the charted instructions.

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Nestled Diamonds Blanket.jpg


by Snickerdoodle Knits

This is a quick, addicting knit that is perfect gift knitting. It is not a boring knit, as every other row is changing and requires some attention. Once you’ve begun knitting part of the diamond section, you will find that it is quite easy to read your knitting, and the repeat is fairly easy to memorize. Just remember to pay attention to the pattern so you form diamonds and not just straight lines!

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windy shores hat.png


by Snickerdoodle Knits

Super cozy and quick to knit, the Windy Shores Hat makes for a wonderful gift knit. The pattern includes the option to make a plain beanie style or a messy bun version. Its wave texture makes it a fun, engaging knit.

Windy Shores was inspired by the cold, windy shores of the Canadian coasts. The hat is comprised of an easy-to-memorize and fun-to-knit texture that represents the waves hitting the shores and splashing cold water on passersby.

The pattern is worked brim up in the round and includes instructions for lengthening the hat for a slouchier style if desired. 

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